MesSBAR — Multicopter and Instrumentation for Air Quality Research

Mediciones de calidad del aire
usando drones
Air quality
Low cost sensors
Black carbon

Lutz Bretschneider

Andreas Schlerf

Anja Baum

Henning Bohlius

Marcel Buchholz

Sebastian Düsing

Volker Ebert

Hassnae Erraji

Paul Frost

Ralf Käthner

Thomas Krüger

Anne Caroline Lange

Marcel Langner

Andreas Nowak

Falk Pätzold

Julian Rüdiger

Jorge Saturno

Hendrik Scholz

Tobias Schuldt

Rickmar Seldschopf

Andre Sobotta

Ralf Tillmann

Birgit Wehner

Christian Wesolek

Katharina Wolf

Astrid Lampert

Fecha de publicación

agosto 2022

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Summary paper of the MesSBAR project.


Air quality measurements usually consist of ground-based instrumentation at fixed locations. However, vertical profiles of pollutants are of interest for understanding processes, distribution, dilution and concentration. Therefore, a multicopter system has been developed to investigate the vertical distribution of the concentration of aerosol particles, black carbon, ozone, nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon monoxide and the meteorological parameters of temperature and humidity. This article presents the requirements by different users, the setup of the quadrocopter system, the instrumentation and the results of first applications. The vertical distribution of particulate matter next to a highway was strongly related to atmospheric stratification, with different concentrations below and above the temperature inversion present in the morning. After the qualification phase described in this article, two identically equipped multicopters will be used upwind and downwind of line or diffuse sources such as highways or urban areas to quantify the influence of their emissions on the local air quality.


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