African biomass burning affects aerosol cycling over the Amazon

Los tamaños de las partículas
de carbono negro
revelan su origen
Atmospheric aerosols
Long-range transport
Black carbon

Bruna A. Holanda

Marco A. Franco

David Walter

Paulo Artaxo

Samara Carbone

Yafang Cheng

Sourangsu Chowdhury

Florian Ditas

Martin Gysel-Beer

Thomas Klimach

Leslie A. Kremper

Ovid O. Krüger

Jost V. Lavric

Jos Lelieveld

Chaoqun Ma

Luiz A. T. Machado

Robin L. Modini

Fernando G. Morais

Andrea Pozzer

Jorge Saturno

Hang Su

Manfred Wendisch

Stefan Wolff

Mira L. Pöhlker

Meinrat O. Andreae

Ulrich Pöschl

Christopher Pöhlker

Fecha de publicación

mayo 2023

Otros detalles

rBC core size used to estimate source apportionment of biomass burning aerosol.


Smoke from vegetation fires affects air quality, atmospheric cycling, and the climate in the Amazon rain forest. A major unknown has remained the quantity of long-range transported smoke from Africa in relation to local and regional fire emissions. Here we quantify the abundance, seasonality, and properties of African smoke in central Amazonia. We show that it accounts for 60 % of the black carbon concentrations during the wet season and 30 % during the dry season. The African smoke influences aerosol-radiation interactions across the entire Amazon, with the strongest impact on the vulnerable eastern basin, a hot spot of climate and land use change. Our findings further suggest that the direct influence of African smoke has been historically relevant for soil fertilization, the carbon and water cycles, and, thus, the development of the Amazon forest ecosystem, even in the pre-industrial era.


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