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black carbon

Optical properties of coated black carbon aggregates: numerical simulations, radiative forcing estimates, and size-resolved parameterization scheme

Modifications in the optical properties of black carbon (BC) due to ageing are presented and quantified in this study using a state-of-the-art description scheme of BC fractal aggregates. It is shown that the relative change in BC radiative forcing can be larger than 50 % as a function of changing fractal dimension and organic content. A comprehensive parameterization scheme for coated BC optical properties is developed with applications for modelling, ambient, and laboratory-based BC studies.

Influx of African biomass burning aerosol during the Amazonian dry season through layered transatlantic transport of black carbon-rich smoke

Biomass burning smoke from African savanna and grassland is transported across the South Atlantic Ocean in defined layers within the free troposphere. The combination of in situ aircraft and ground-based measurements aided by satellite observations showed that these layers are transported into the Amazon Basin during the early dry season. The influx of aged smoke, enriched in black carbon and cloud condensation nuclei, has important implications for the Amazonian aerosol and cloud cycling.

Los grandes incendios globales están ahumando la estratosfera

Los cientos de incendios de este verano en el Ártico han creado una nube de humo del tamaño de un continente. El humo de estos fuegos está alcanzando la estratosfera y permanece allí durante meses con efectos similares a los de una erupción volcánica.

Partículas provenientes de incendios forestales están alcanzando la estratosfera

Por primera vez, científicos han logrado medir en la estratosfera partículas provenientes de incendios

Modeling investigation of light-absorbing aerosols in the Amazon Basin during the wet season

We use a global chemical transport model (GEOS-Chem) to interpret observed light-absorbing aerosols in Amazonia during the wet season. Observed aerosol properties, including black carbon (BC) concentration and light absorption, at the Amazon Tall …